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Minecraft Castle Build #1

Patch 1.0.4 – System Changes and Character Improvements

Let me make the character improvements short and snappy. Basically they have just improved nearly all the skills so that you have a more a of a choice to choose from. They felt that there was too much of a specific build and certain skills that you felt that you had to use and therefore ignored the others.

On the other hand they felt like some skills were just not what people were looking for, as they either did very little damage or they were just completely useless.

Now let me just explain what I mean when I say System Changes, this includes item cost of repair, mob skills, mob life,  the way the game functions pretty much.

So firstly let me point out that they have lowered the item cost when repairing. However this only applies to high end gear, but improvement nonetheless. They have lowered it by 25%. Although it isn’t a dramatic decrease its defiantly better!

Next thing on the agenda is that they are shrinking the gap between normal mobs and elite mobs. The normal mobs are being slightly bumped up while the elite mobs are being decrease. This includes health and damage. This also includes the annoying stats they might have, such as fire chains and shielding. They are both being knocked down, de-buffed you might say to either do less damage and/or not last as long (shortened duration).

A few minor things they are getting rid/modifying of is that when you join a game your magic and gold find is averaged; now it’s completely up to your own stats. They are also modifying the health multiplier mobs gain when new players join, before depending on how many people joined and what mode’ you were in the stat changed. Now it’s at a fixed rate of 75%.

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