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Diablo 3 Templar
“I will never succumb to your evil.”

The Templars fight for true justice; they are holy warriors who will kill any demonic demons that stand in the way. They are not just freshly born barbarians; they are trained demonic slayers whom are experienced trustworthy people. Kormac is the Templar that will assist you in your wake to destroy the evils that are unblessed enough to meet you and your befriended determined Templar.

Kormac has been a Templar since he was a child. He was quickly formed into the ideal Templar for anyone to admire, while also adapting nicely to an ascetic way of life. His dedication is not something any one could mess with, even if it is another Templar. People who don’t comply to his way of thinking soon depart from him.

Although his order is not always the same as yours his end goals will be, he will fight with you until the very end. Crushing and destroying evils is what he feeds on. He dream is to purge the world of darkness as heaven is the only way.

Why Would I Want Him On My Travels?

The Templar will most likely be the most used Follower; this is because his general structure as a character is very basic. Fighting for justice and being first into battle he would suit any class. He will assist you on your journeys while giving you some cool ability’s. You can also customise his skills when optional as he levels up.

Defensive Fighting

Defensive fighting is one of the most useful abilities the Templar has, by getting the attention of the enemy’s by taunting him, he pulls all aggravation toward him so you take less damage. He punishes them for attacking him while slowing the ones that are too close.


Another one of his abilities would be healing and recovery. He can restore your life while also increasing the amount of life you gain every second. He does this by calling his faith to heal you.

Holy Justice

Holy Justice is also another ability he uses, while charging at the enemy he causes serious damage and stuns them from the fear of his attacks. With all his ability’s combined he is the ultimate follower to help battle against the evils of Sanctuary.

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