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Enchantress BackgroundEnchantress Follower

“I have left everything behind… only hope guides me now.”

The Enchantress has been disturbed all her life. She had mastered the arts of enchantments, only then to be put under a spell for fifteen hundred years.

The Enchantress, formally known as Eirena, comes from an era before the Mage Clan Wars. She was a part of a sisterhood of magic users called The Hands of The Prophet. The sisterhood leader, the prophet, foresaw a devastating disaster fifteen hundred years later. The Hands of The Prophet sisterhood pledged their lives to prevent this…

Their pledges were far greater than just words and the prophet acted upon this. She placed a spell on them to make them “absent from their lives” until the disaster occurred, fifteen hundred years in the future. This spell would preserve them from ageing.

Eirena awoke recently to find all her sisters to be dead, and to never see the prophet ever again. This world she now sees is entirely different to the one she remembers, overwhelmed by evils and in demonic times.

Her past put into the back of her mind, she will assist you, if you do choose, to help fight the evils in which you face. She has adapted to the new age and hopes to find its salvation. Her uncommon magic may be the key in helping you defeat the evils of Sanctuary; will you take her on board?

What use is She to me?

Eirena, the Enchantress, will fight for you against the evils you will face in Sanctuary. She has multiple abilities of which you can choose as she levels up. A few abilities that stand out are;

Confusion Magic

The Enchantress has the ability to confuse your enemies and trick them into fight each other, making it easier for you to finish them off.

Arcane Blasts

The Enchantress also has the ability to shoot Arcane Blasts. She can send wave after wave, while hitting the opponent they could be sent flying off into the distance or decaying their bodies before they even die.

Demon Slaying & Force Field

Eirena also has supportive spells such as combining your attacks with demon-slaying energy and putting up a force field to protect you when in danger.

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