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Diablo 3 Beta

Invited To Be Beta Testers

It was a pleasant surprise, to wake up and find an email from Blizzard inviting to become Beta Testers for the new Diablo 3 game. Naturally we replied immediately accepting their offer. That was in mid-March 2012, just before the announcement that Diablo3 would be released as a finished product on the 15th May 2012.

Videos – Coming Soon

Now that we’ve completed the Beta game (many times) we now plan to record some of our findings and post them as real-time gameplay videos. We’ll be adding them to this page as we go. The first of our videos will be released on Monday 2nd April and subsequent videos in the days following. Be sure to pop back from time to time and see the next stage of the Beta game.

Win your copy of Dianlo 3

FREE Diablo 3 Game Prize Draw

Amazing offer

We have a copy of Diablo 3 to give away!

All you have to do in order to be automatically entered into the prize draw to Win your copy of Diablo 3 on its release date is two things.

  • Post a comment to any post in the Beta category
  • Leave a Facebook Like, Twitter Post or other Social Bookmark

Use the links below so that you’ll be counted. Anyone completing these two quick tasks on this Beta page will be automatically added into our FREE Prize Draw to win their copy of Diablo 3 on its release date!

Thanks and Good Luck!


Beta Test News

WIN your copy of Diablo 3

Win your copy of Dianlo 3Today we launch our FREE Prize Draw

to WIN a copy of Diablo 3 and have it arrive in your mailbox on the day of release


Just do two things to get entered into this FREE Prize Draw
  • Comment on any of the posts in the Diablo 3 Beta page
  • Facebook Like, Twitter Comment or Google +1 the page you commented on.
Our system will then randomly choose a Winner and let you know via email on the 10th May 2012.
Save yourself $45 for 3 minutes of work


Added Bonus

Do all 3 social bookmarks
(Google+ Facebook & Twitter)
and you’ll get two entries into the draw!


Good luck everyone.

Bookmark and Share - Beta Testers

We are very pleased to announce that have been asked to join the Blizzard Diablo 3 Beta testing team. This has allowed us to trial the game, test the gameplay on a variety of machine specs and video cards.

We’re in the process of creating some detailed videos of the new Diablo 3 game which will be released during the next week for you all to see.

Testing with Nvidia 3D Vision

We also have a brand new Nvidia 3D Vision Dell XPS17 laptop on the way and hope to post up a few videos of this fantastic technology in action. Be sure to come back next week, we’ll surely have a treat for you all.

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