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Introducing the New Diablo 3 Classes

Blizzard have excelled themselves with the new classes for Diablo 3. Modern PC/Mac graphics capabilities have improved to such a degree that enabled Blizzard to go to town with the designs of these classes.

Diablo 3 Mugshot Barbarian

Diablo 3 Barbarian


The Diablo 3 Barbarian is simply a tank! Get in the midst of the battle, the Barbarian can take a punch or two. If brute force is your style then the Barbarian won’t disappoint you. The 5 main skills this class excels in are the Seismic Slam, Leap, Ground Stomp, Cleave and Whirlwind.

Barbarian Class

Diablo 3 Mugshot Wizard

Diablo 3 Wizard


The Wizard, as you’d expect, is the best for casting spells. She has some formidable attack skills such as Magic Missile, Electrocute and Disintegrate. Coupled with Teleport and Slow Time, this character has the abilities to turn any battle into your favour.

Wizard Class

Diablo 3 Mugshot Witch Doctor

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor is a strange hero. Looking rather feeble, he gives his opponents into a false sense of security. Skills such as the Locust Swarm and Firestorm make light work of most Demons, Horrify and Mass Confusion to distract them and then to top it off, Soul Harvest to renew his health. A must have on any team.

Witch Doctor Class

Diablo 3 Mugshot Monk

Diablo 3 Monk


With a feel of a martial art specialist, this Monk means business. Armed with a staff he will strike fear in his enemies. Casting spells during battle will certainly help any group defeat the Bosses. He has 5 main skills, Impenetrable Defence, Exploding Palm, Seven Sided Strike, Way of the Hundred Fists and the Crippling Wave.

Monk Class

Diablo 3 Mugshot Demon Hunter

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is the projectile specialist of the group. Capable of attacking multiple demons at once, you’ll definitely want a Demon Hunter in your group. This character specialises in many skills including Molten Arrow, Grenade, Bola, Entangling Shot and the fearsome Fan of Knifes.

Demon Hunter Class

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