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Scoundrel Background

Diablo 3 Scoundrel
There’s many ways to open a door.
I happen to know most of them.”

When things occur, opportunists are always found close behind. With Sanctuary in between The Burning Depths of Hell and the Everlasting Heavens it overflows with rouges and rakes, and both those words are best fitting for Lyndon, the Scoundrel.

For the past few messed up years of the scoundrels life was spent running from town to town, outsmarting and conning the locals whom live there while annoying and seducing the beautiful women that he lusts. Lyndon lives a life of robbery and to help prevent imprisonment, he carries his weapons and travels with guards to protect him.

For a character like him to put his life on the line to fight endless demonic demons there must be gain for him… He must want more than just women, wealth and wine?

How Can I Use This Guy To My Benefit?

Funny enough all that running and conning has gotten him somewhere in life. He would be bound to you to help fight the demons that approach you with some fine ability’s to help get your enemy’s off guard!

Range Combat

One of his most useful ability’s would be that he is a ranged killer; this would be useful for close ranged combat players such as Barbarians and Monks. He can fire multiple arrows at once, this being said he has special attacks for both single target and mass target combat. For single target he uses poison arrows, quick and painful. However for his mass target combat he would use explosives!

Disable, Cripple & Blind

Another one of his most useful ability’s would be that he can disable foe. This would include crippling or blinding them, or avoiding danger quickly. This is done by carefully placed shots and tricks.

Attack Boosts

Lyndon also has supportive attacks such as attack boosts. The attack boost is where Lyndon shares his knowledge about short and effective ways of fighting to give out better and quicker attacks. This buff is shared between all his allies.

You also get to choose his ability’s each time he reaches a new level where a choice is needed for him to learn a new skill.

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