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Jeweler BackgroundArtisan Jeweler

“I’m a simple man. Give me a good meal, a warm bed and a handful of jewels.”

The Jeweler has gone by many different names in the past. With his devious mind he will do anything for a gem he thinks is worthy. The new Jeweler is from the Diamond Isles of Xiansai, but his lust for wondrous gems drove him to where he is now, far away from home.

Given the appearance of someone with no ambition, the Jeweler is care free by nature and trusting in fate to get him where he needs to be. However, if he sees a jewel to his liking he turns into a new person, driven by lust for the sparkles.

When this Jeweler joins you, it isn’t to help you on your adventures because he thinks you will do well. He joins you because he believes that you will find jewels that he’s been searching for.  This is where his true elegancies lie. While he accompanies you, you’ll have access to his many crafting talents.

What can he offer?

The Jeweler, formally known as Shen, can combine gems together to create better, more powerful gems to equip into your armour and weapons.

Shen has the ability to carefully etch sockets for gems to be inserted into. This includes many different types of equipment, such as swords, shields, bows and armour to have sockets.

For a small fee, Shen will also remove gems from equipment to allow them to be reused whilst keeping the gear intact allowing it to be reused or sold.

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