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Blacksmith Background

Artisan Blacksmith
“Some scars don’t heal, and there’s no point in scratching at them, is there?

In a pressured world the job of the blacksmith, forging armour and weapons is definitely required. The tools and weapons that the blacksmith will create will be used for war, to protect and to annoy the evils that fear us.

They say only ones who have observed death can craft such invincible weapons and armour. If this is proven to be true, then the blacksmith, Haedrig Eamon is the perfect match to be crafting the tools you will be using during your battles. Death has been all round him throughout his life, with his home destroyed and his wife’s death in New Tristram.

From the terrors he has faced throughout his life gave him his inspiration to become a Blacksmith. This said, to become a blacksmith was never his true dream, he longs for battle and will help to fight the evils you face by crafting your items to fit your needs. He will follow you to all your acts and to any difficulty.

What Can I Do With the Blacksmith?

The Blacksmith can craft items from the materials you salvage from old loot you don’t need or want. These items are salvaged down only keeping the best materials to help create new ones.

You’ll be able to create additional items as you level up your Blacksmith. This will cost you gold which you have collected during your adventures. The higher the level, the better the Blacksmith skills.

The Blacksmith is the only Artisan who can salvage items; this will allow you to do everything you need in one place, so no more running around the map just to make a peace of armour.

At the Blacksmith you can also repair your items when they are damaged or broken. You can also do this at other merchants but it’ll still cost you gold.

Blacksmith: Progression

Blacksmith Progression

There are 10 levels of progression for the blacksmith, each you time level your blacksmith you receive admirable benefits. You don’t just level your blacksmith, each time you burst a load of money to try level him up his experience goes up by 20% every time.

Level your blacksmith by giving him gold from your adventures, the amount you give stays the same until he has levelled, and then it increases. The more experience he has the better loot you can craft. For every time you level your blacksmith, he will advance in appearance.


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